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There are 102 Mediabase Christian AC (Adult Contemporary) reporting stations. This format seeks to target women between the ages of 35-44 years old with their on-air with their on-air content and music. Some of the most notable stations in the format at KLOVE, The Message on SiriusXM, The Joy FM, WayFM, KSBJ in Houston, KLTY in Dallas. The format is heavily researched. Most of the stations we work with that are Christian AC invest a lot of money surveying a small panel of their audience each week to see which songs they’re playing on the station that they love, like or merely think are ok. The success of a song at Christian radio tends to depend on the responses in those surveys.
The worship format of Christian radio is an emerging format. Many radio stations are branching out with new streaming stations, local stations and network to reach listeners young and old who have a passion for music that connects them deeply to God in worship. Some of the most notable stations in this emerging format are AIR1, Joy Worship, Worship 24/7, His Radio Praise and 88.7 The Song in August, GA.