Josh Wilson

It Gets Better

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The Song Story

I was in Montana in the dead of winter. It was late and cold, and I was traveling alone. I had just finished playing a concert. I got to my hotel and as I walked in into my room, I closed the door, set my bags down, and I crumpled on the floor. I started weeping uncontrollably. Months, years of anxiety and depression had built up in my body and my mind and lead me to this moment, where I simply broke down. I called my wife and told her I couldn’t finish the tour. She’s so kind. She didn’t offer me platitudes or cliches. She didn’t try to fix me. Instead, she flew to where I was and helped me get through the rest of the tour. She reminded me I’m not alone. She let me borrow her faith until mine caught up. When we got home, I took some much needed time off, I saw my doctor and my counselor, I spent time with close friends and family. Eventually, slowly, things did get better. All along the way, Jesus was reminding me that the pain is not permanent. That’s what this song is about. It’s going to get better, in this life or the next. It all works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, then it’s not the end. Hold on, it gets better.

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About the Artist

Josh Wilson

I’m Josh Wilson, and I’m honored you’re here. I do my best to write the songs I need to hear, in hopes that you might need to hear them, too. I used to think that being a Christian meant having things all together, but the longer I’ve followed Jesus, the more I’ve realized that I call myself a Christian because I don’t have it all together. I need someone to hold me together, and that’s Jesus. I’ve been on quite a mental health journey in the last decade or so. I’ve struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, alcohol addiction, and chronic physical pain. These have all taken a toll on my mental and spiritual health. I used to try to deal with these things alone. Not anymore. I can’t do this by myself. Through prayer, meditation, church, medication, exercise, therapy, healthy eating, family and friends, I’m taking life on life’s terms now, one day at a time. I’m about 7 years sober from alcohol, and though I still struggle with anxiety sometimes, it’s more right-sized than it used to be. Jesus was and is my rock and he holds me together, even when things fall apart. I’m planning to release 24 songs in 2024, and they tell the story of what I’ve been through. I hope this music gives you peace and encouragement. You’re not alone. Jesus loves you and so do I.

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The Lyrics

The pain is for a reason
That’s what they say but is it true
They tell me it’s season
But they don’t know what I’ve been through
Until I stop the bleeding
Their words are salt inside my wounds
I haven’t stopped believing
It’s just really hard to see it

Wish I could talk to my future self
What would I say cause I need some help

Don’t be afraid
Just get through today
The Maker of Heaven and Earth
Is making a way
Take a deep breath
Take the next step
Oh, this is not how it ends
This isn’t forever
Hold on it gets better

It’s hard to see the sunrise
In the middle of the midnight hour
You just gotta wait sometimes
Till the world spins back around
I promise you it’s shining
Oh, you can’t see it now
Keep watching the horizon
Open up your eyes and

It’s only a matter of time
Till Heaven splits open the sky
It gets better, gets better, gets better
The dark will burn up in the light
The very last tear will be cried
It gets better, gets better, gets better

Don’t be afraid
Cause God’s not afraid
The maker of Heaven and Earth is making a way
Take a deep breath, He’s not finished yet
Oh, this is not how it ends
This isn’t forever
Hold on, it gets better

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Song Timeline

Ryan Gagne at WYQQ Shares Why He’s Adding

The Joy FM Played On Air Once, Here’s What Listeners Had To Say:
  • Please thank Josh Wilson for being so open and vulnerable. I’m sitting in my office crying listening to you guys! It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear someone talk about real struggles in life and relying on God and his blessings around us to cope. As a psychologist and a Christian, thank you for talking about this on air!
  • As a youth pastor (for 20 years) of the most anxious and lonely generation, this album will be on our student summer playlist on repeat! It gets Better will be shared to many students (and friends) thanks Josh for letting God use you!
  • So, so proud of Josh!  So glad he reached out for the help he needed and where he is now.  I had 2 brothers who passed away 5 weeks apart of cirrhosis from being alcoholics.   It was so hard losing them.  Love you Josh!  Keep up the good work!
  • Just listen to you makes me have hope for my son. It has anxiety and depression and it’s going through the same thing you did with the alcohol and etc. and gives me hope that just listening to you. He is seeking help. He’s getting a little better but he’s not 100% there, but I believe God has a plan for him.
  • Praise God for Josh!  I suffer from depression and anxiety that can be crippling at times.  I pray that God will remove it from me constantly.  I never thought that perhaps God is using it and me to minister to others and that I may not be healed until I see Jesus face to face.  I have a renewed hope.  Thank you Josh, Joy FM and my dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit!  Gina Galligar 💗💗💗
  • My goodness,  these songs are so beautiful. Thankful for Josh’s willingness to be so honest and transparent.  These songs are going to help people who are hurting 💕
  • That song “Tonight ” is so awesome. Loved it so much. Thank you ( typing through tears) ~Lin from Venice Fl
  • I just wanted to let Josh know that because of his song, things that I’m afraid of, made me get the help that I need it for my anxiety. And I was able to trust a friend to hold me accountable. I’m trying to write a joy story but struggling to find the right words.