Welcome Seattle To The Party!

KCMS in Seattle, WA
WCLQ in Wausau, WI

More significant growth for the song again this week…
Shine.FM in Chicago and Indianapolis – Up to heavy!
KAIM in Honolulu – Up to heavy
KVMV in McAllen, TX – Up to heavy A (maximum rotation)
KFMK in Austin, TX – Up to heavy
WBCL in Fort Wayne, IN – Up to heavy
WOLW in Traverse City, MI – Up to heavy
WWWA in Augusta, ME – Up to medium rotation

AC Monitored:
Up 1 spot to #5 (another TOP 5!!!) with 1748 spins and +91 spins for the week (another HUGE gain)!

AC Indicator:
UP another 2 spots from #10 to #8 this week…we were +57 spins this week for a total of 951 spins!