#2 Is Now The WORST Number!

WAY-FM network

Massive growth for the song this week!
Family Life network in NY – re-added the song to their main rotation
KLOVE- Up to heavy rotation
FISH/Atlanta – Up to heavy rotation
KCMS/Seattle – Into medium rotation
KTIS/Minneapolis – Up to medium rotation
WDJC/Birmingham – Up to heavy rotation
KAIM/Honolulu – Up to heavy rotation

Billboard/BDS Christian Airplay:
UP 3 spots from #5 to #2 on the chart this week!!! +1,554,500 on the chart this week for a total of 11,128,500. I swear, 11, 6 and 2 are the worst numbers for promotion people.

AC Monitored:
Up 2 spots from #5 to #3 with 1915 spins and +167 spins for the week! It’s the #1 most-increased song at this format as well.

Mediabase Audience:
UP 1 spot from #5 to #4 with a HUGE increase of +1,299,000 and 12,991,000 in total audience!