This Week's Fact

April 8, 2024

Fact Check

– “Silence” Top track of JWLKRS
– 9.6M total streams
– 5M Views on TikTok (528k likes)
– 37k Shazams
– Playlists reached: 147k

– JWLKRS: 367k total playlists reached
– Over 33 million collective followers on all platforms for the entire JWLKRS crew
– #25 on Air1 Worship Now (1540 total spins)


We are JWLKRS called to be a global movement connecting and discipling people to walk like Jesus. To live out our mission, God has brought together people of different giftings to lead and steward each of our four engagement divisions. Our focus is on being the hands and feet of Jesus locally and globally by bringing hope to a lost and hurting world, just like Jesus did. We aim to raise up the next generation of men and women who exercise the love, compassion, and purity of Jesus Christ in order to impact new and challenging times with eternal truths.

The song “Silence” by JWLKRS Worship is a song for that kind of moment – a 3am faith anthem. In an interview with Annie F. Downs on her That Sounds Fun podcast, Noah & Allie Schnacky talk about the song as an anthem to sing over ourselves (or listen to others sing over us) in difficult seasons. Skip to minute 29 🙂

Noah: “There’s such power in the words you speak over yourself. And that’s what we really wanted the song to be as an anthem. When you’re going through the seasons – even if you’re going through a victory – claim those promises of your life…when everything fades away, (God), I believe you’re going to do what you say you’re going to do.”

Allie: “If you listen to the song “Silence,” you’ll hear it’s all about God’s promises and speaking those over yourself in the middle of the season where it feels like He’s not there. (It’s all about) really encouraging yourself that His word is final and that when he says something, He is going to be faithful to follow through, even if it feels like everything around you is saying otherwise.”