Chandler Moore & Todd Galberth

Good News

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The Song Story

“Good News” is literally my favorite song on the Mav Way record. It is simply the messaging behind the song; if you’re breathing it’s for you. Not if you’re perfect, not if you come from a great family, not if you’ve done all the right things but if you’re breathing this love this encouragement, this salvation from Jesus is for you. We got good news for you Jesus loves you!
-Chandler Moore

About the Artist

Chandler Moore & Todd Galberth

Five-time Grammy Award Winner Chandler Moore is a singer, songwriter, worship leader and part of the collective group Maverick City Music. He has grown to become one of the biggest names in the Christian and Gospel community due to his collaborative efforts; with hits such as Jireh, Firm Foundation (He Won’t), Fear Is Not My Future and his latest single with Forrest Frank, No Longer Bound (I’m Free). Moore continues to break barriers between the faith-based and mainstream industries by collaborating with mega artists like Kirk Franklin and Justin Bieber and helping break the mold around traditional worship music.

Todd Galberth, known for his exuberant and contagious musical style, is recognized in the Gospel arena as a passionate praise and worship leader who is changing how this nation worships God. As a seasoned songwriter and vocalist, Galberth has graciously combined his multiple talents to help usher people into God’s presence. His sophomore project, Decrease, topped the Billboard charts at #1. BMI Records also awarded him Song of the Year for “I’m Getting Ready.”

Galberth hails from Raeford, NC, and currently lives in Georgia with his wife, Vanessa, and their two children, Tyven and Mya. He often says, “God is looking for a worshipper, not a song. A worshipper does not need a song, but a song always needs a worshipper.”

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The Lyrics

Verse 1
There’s a lot of talk goin’ ‘round town
I hear a lot of people running their mouths Every word like an anchor just bringing them
Down, down, down
We’ve all been looking for a silver lining Something to hold on to when hopes been hiding
I know a place where you can go
If you wanna find it

This is the good news
If you’re breathing, it’s for you An empty grave
To a life that’s changed
It all points to Jesus Name
If you’ve been searching And nothings been working
I’ve got good news Jesus Loves You

Verse 2
Open up your eyes and look around you This is a place where your freedom is found Take a minute, Breathe it in
Watch your life turn upside down

This is the good news
If you’re breathing, it’s for you An empty grave
To a life that’s changed
It all points to Jesus Name
If you’ve been searching And nothings been working
I’ve got good news Jesus Loves You

No matter what you bring Oh He’s in love with you No matter your history
Oh He’s in love with
No matter your unbelief
Oh He’s in love with
From now ‘til eternity
He’ll still be in love with you

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Two more adds!

Welcome KLRC/Fayetteville, AR and Music Choice to the “Good News” party!

15 more stations have joined in on telling the “Good News”


WAWZ/Middlesex, NJ
WAKW/Cincinnati, OH
KDNW/Duluth, MN
WBSN/New Orleans, LA
KWND/Springfield, MO
WCQR/Johnson City, TN
KYTT/Eugene, OR
WNWC/Madison, WI
WAFJ/Augusta, GA
WKNZ/Ocean City, MD
WMUV/Jacksonville, FL
WJIE/Louisville, KY
WWIB/Eau Claire, WI
WPAR/Roanoke, VA
KVMV/McAllen, TX

First add in 2024?!

Life 97.3 in Duluth, MN is LOVING “Good News”…so much that it’s the first add for them of 2024!

11 more adds before Christmas!

The last adds of the year before everyone starts playing Christmas music are always the toughest adds of the year to get…right before the break, we got 11 more in on “Good News”

New at:
WGRC/Williamsport, PA
WYQQ/Worcester, MA
WWWA/Augusta, ME
KNLB/Lake Havasu, AZ
WDJC/Birmingham, AL
KNWC/Sioux Falls, SD
WBFJ/Winston-Salem, NC
WCVO/Columbus, OH
KAIM/Honolulu, HI
KNWI/Des Moines, IA

The Light FM is all about the GOOD NEWS!

2nd most-increased song at Mediabase Christian AC

+117 total plays for the week!

“Good News” has all the things everyone says they want!

6 More Adds for “Good News”

WCVK/Bowling Green, KY
KBNJ/Corpus Christi, TX
WONU/Chicago, IL
KAXL/Bakersfield, CA
WLAB/Fort Wayne, IN
WLCQ/Springfield, MA

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8 Stations on out of the box!

KFNW/Fargo, ND
KZTH/Oklahoma City, OK
WJTL/Lancaster, PA
KLJY/St. Louis, MO
WCLN/Fayetteville, NC
AIR1 Network
WHPZ/South Bend, IN
WMIT/Asheville, NC

“Good News” video debuts on YouTube

“Good News” released to Christian radio!

The Maverick Way live recording in Washington DC