This Week's Fact

April 29, 2024

Fact Check

There is MUCH hesitation and skepticism surrounding this song from the programming community at Christian radio. Many have told us they didn’t want to play the song or won’t. Then they saw the response from their audience when they began sharing it in the context of the film. Many of them reluctantly played in a few times or scheduled it out of obligation because they were hosting movie premieres. Then they heard from their audience about how much they LOVED the song. One of our PDs who reluctantly added it merely to support the film came back and told us that he loves how it sounds on the radio and decided to move it straight to medium rotation this week.

If you’re one of the holdouts, you don’t need to play it 35x per week. Play it a few times. See how your audience responds. This is the most classic case of “nobody loves it but the people.”

See what happens.

  • The movie = #2 in the US with $8M at the box office
  • KLOVE adds straight to medium
  • Research at KFSH/Los Angeles
    • Women 18+= 4.05 score
    • 101% net positive & weighted
  • Latest Adds (81 Total Stations On):
    • KFNW/Fargo, ND
    • KNLB/Lake Havasu, AZ
    • KSBJ/Houston
    • The Joy FM
    • KYTT/Eugene, OR
    • WGTS/Wash D.C.
    • KDNW/Duluth, MN
    • WGRC/Williamsport, PA
    • KBIQ/Colorado Springs
    • KWND/Springfield, MO
    • KJNW/Kansas City
    • KLJY/St. Louis
    • KAMB/ Merced, CA
    • KLOVE
    • KNWC/Sioux Falls, SD
    • WPER/Fredericksburg, VA
    • The Way FM
    • KKFS/Sacramento