This Week's Fact

March 25, 2024

Fact Check

“Praise” keeps growing and growing…it’s already top 15 in 4 weeks on Mediabase Christian AC. It was #1 Most-Increased on the chart with +252 total spins. 😳 It continues growing on streaming and overall consumption as well…5.7M global streams per week and 2.7M in the US making it the #1 streaming song in Christian music for last week.

Here’s where it gets crazy…387K REELS have been made on Instagram using this song and another 200K videos on TikTok. These are UGCs…User Generated Content. If you want to learn more about the terms we throw around every week (or that you hear from other promotion reps, go here:

Elevation Worship continues to be the #1 streaming artist in all of Christian music and it’s only growing.  😳