Welcome the Twin Cities to the party + Top 10!

KTIS in Minneapolis, MN
KFMK in Austin, TX
WPAR in Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA


Billboard/BDS Christian Airplay:
UP 3 spots from #11 to #8 and now FIRMLY in the Top 10 this week with +463,4000 in audience for a total of 7,188,800.


AC Monitored:
Up from #15 to #14 this week with 930 spins and +107 spins for the week!


AC Indicator:
UP from #15 to #13 this week! We were -19 spins though for a total of 718 spins.


Mediabase Audience:
#11 on the chart again with +498,000 for the week and a total of 8,826,000 in audience this week.