Welcome Los Angeles!

The Fish in Los Angeles, CA
KVMV in McAllen, TX


More significant growth for the song again this week…
The Message on Sirius/XM moves up to heavy rotation!
Shine.FM in Chicago is fully in medium rotation.
The Fish in Sacramento is fully in medium rotation.
The Fish in Honolulu is in heavy rotation now.
WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI exclusive on MWS!



Billboard/BDS Christian Airplay:
Staying steady at #6 again this week with more incredible growth in audience this week…+269,000 for a total of 8,198,800. We are 164,230 away from having a Top 5 song.


AC Monitored:
UP 3 more spots from #11 to #8 this week with 1248 spins and +97 spins for the week!


Mediabase Audience:
#6 again this week on the chart again with +146,000 for the week and a total of 10,206,000 in audience.