The Data is Piling UP!

National numbers!
– Huge in the church! #32 right now on Planning Center…around 45,000 churches use this each week to organize their services. To reach the Top 50 here a song has to be lead at SO many churches…this is significant exposure happening all of the country right now.
– Troy Research (publishing yesterday) shows the song at #3 overall with only 90% familiarity and a 4.02 score. It’s #1 with women 25-34 with a 4.14 score and #3 with women 35-44 with a 4.03 score.
– Rate The Music (within Mediabase – and more than 10k responses) shows the song at #2 this week with a 4.21 overall score (women 25-54) and #1 women 35-44 with a 4.28 score. It’s also #3 with men 25-54 with a 4.21 score.
– In weekly consumption (national), the song is #9 overall with just over 10k total consumption per week…+5.9% total last week in consumption, +4.9% in streaming (1.2 MILLION last week) and +23% in digital sales.