“Just As I Am” Review on 365 Days Of Inspiring Meda

“Pop and CCM through and through, “Just As I Am” has a 90’s feel and a Rascal Flatts feel and an old school Steven Curtis Chapman feel. There’s a nostalgia here in a good way, and if this is the song that Jason uses to market his upcoming new album, then I’m all here for it!

As Jason eloquently and ardently relays to us that

‘…just as I am, in the good and the bad, You still understand, and You never stopped loving me just as I am, with the heart of the Father, and grace like no other You never stopped loving me, just as I am…’,

we are truly glimpsed into the heart of the Father, and into the heart of the One who love us unconditionally. This track is a prayer of gratitude, especially with the simple yet earnest bridge that declares to God ‘…thank you for loving me…’; and as we remember God’s faithfulness, we are also delivered a song to saviour and to whet our appetites for when Jason unveils something else new!

– Joshua Andre from 365 Days Of Inspiring Media // Full Article Here