“A Song A Day Keeps The Crazies Away”

Two weeks ago, Natalie Grant began sharing a song a day on her Instagram. “A song a day keeps the crazies away”, she said. Her and her husband, Bernie Herms, have gathered at the piano each day for a time to sing, reflect, worship and rejoice in the midst of all this trouble with COVID-19. On March 20, she shared her new song “My Weapon”. This song connected in a HUGE way…it’s been shared 43,000+ times on Facebook and has reach 4+ MILLION already. The response has been significant! Take a look below…oh and if you want to share the beauty of this song with your listeners, it’s impacting on Friday!

So today, it all started to hit for me. Heavy sadness for all those who’ve lost loved ones. Fear for my family members who are working in medical facilities where they’ve run out of masks and supplies. Uncertain as I’m suddenly unemployed. Though it’s a big hit, I’m so thankful that we will be ok. But I can’t say the same for so many crew members, musicians, truck/bus drivers, production companies, not to mention young artist who needed these tours to survive. I’m anxious about my kids and school – 2 students from the girls school just tested positive for COVID-19 today. With Gracie’s asthma and weak lungs, I want this nasty virus to stay far away. Today it was all overwhelming. And so I worshipped. Because His presence is our greatest weapon. And my worship opens up the heavens and is the pathway to his presence. The struggle is real, as are the facts. But our God is real and he is ALIVE – and worship reminds us that we are fighting from victory, not for victory. I hope this helps you remember that. #myweapon

Posted by Natalie Grant on Friday, March 20, 2020