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Michael W. Smith - Waymaker
Add Date: November 1, 2019

The Story Behind “Waymaker”

Hi, this is Michael W. Smith. I first heard about the song Waymaker through my daughter, Anna. She knew I was looking for songs for the live event we were going to do in the summer of 2018. Awaken, which is the record that has Waymaker on it, is where we prayed over our city and sang over our city. It was an amazing evening. My daughter had had some personal struggles. She knew a lot of other people who had been facing struggles and thought, wow, what a song. Come to find out this song has been around for three years. It came out of Nigeria. So we did it that night at Bridgestone, and it was powerful. When we recorded Waymaker that evening, something shifted in the atmosphere, and I knew this would be a song that I would possibly be singing for the rest of my life. So I’m excited about the single and grateful that Anna introduced me to the song.

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Stations Playing “Waymaker”

Sirius/XM The Message
Shine.FM network
WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI
Family Life network in NY
WBFJ in Winston-Salem, NC
WJIE in Louisville, KY
WDJC in Birmingham, AL
WJQK in Grand Rapids, MI
KAIM in Honolulu, HI
KAXL in Bakersfield, CA

KYCC in Stockton, CA
KBNJ in Corpus Christi, FL
The House of Praise network
KNLB in Phoenix, AZ
WCLN in Fayetteville, NC
WNFR in Flint, MI
KYTT in Eugene, OR
WLJN in Traverse City, MI
WCVK in Bowling Green, KY
WCTL in Erie, PA

KGNZ in Abilene, TX
KSLT in Rapid City, SD
WGRC in Williamsport, PA
WECC in Brunswick, GA
KADI in Springfield, MO
WLCQ in Springfield, MA
WJTL in Lancaster, PA

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