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“Waymaker” by Michael W. Smith

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Michael W. Smith - Waymaker
Add Date: November 1, 2019

The Story Behind “Waymaker”

Hi, this is Michael W. Smith. I first heard about the song Waymaker through my daughter, Anna. She knew I was looking for songs for the live event we were going to do in the summer of 2018. Awaken, which is the record that has Waymaker on it, is where we prayed over our city and sang over our city. It was an amazing evening. My daughter had had some personal struggles. She knew a lot of other people who had been facing struggles and thought, wow, what a song. Come to find out this song has been around for three years. It came out of Nigeria. So we did it that night at Bridgestone, and it was powerful. When we recorded Waymaker that evening, something shifted in the atmosphere, and I knew this would be a song that I would possibly be singing for the rest of my life. So I’m excited about the single and grateful that Anna introduced me to the song.

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Waymaker Timeline

May 11

#1 Billboard Christian Airplay!!

“Waymaker” from Michael W. Smith reached #1 on Billboard Christian Airplay today with an increase of +338,800 for a total audience of 12,179,000.

May 04

107,000 from the TOP!

More significant growth for the song!
WKNZ in Delaware – Up to heavy rotation
KFNW in Fargo, ND – Up to heavy rotation
KSLT in Rapid City, SD – Up to heavy rotation
Family Life in NY – Up to heavy rotation
KCMS in Seattle, WA – Up to heavy rotation
WAY-FM – Heavy rotation in two weeks of airplay


Billboard/BDS Christian Airplay:
Held steady at #2 on the chart this week! +193,100 on the chart this week for a total of 11,321,600.


AC Monitored:
Held steady at #3 with 1941 spins and +26 spins for the week.


AC Indicator:
We got our bullet back with a +21 this week but we dropped to #11 on the chart with 971 spins.


Mediabase Audience:
#3 this week with another big increase of +511,000 and 13,424,000 in total audience!

Apr 27

#2 again on Troy Research!

#2 on Troy Research nationally

W25-54: 4.16

W25-34: 4.19

W35-44: 4.08

W45-54: 4.21

Apr 27

#2 is now the WORST number!

WAY-FM network



Massive growth for the song this week!
Family Life network in NY – re-added the song to their main rotation
KLOVE- Up to heavy rotation
FISH/Atlanta – Up to heavy rotation
KCMS/Seattle – Into medium rotation
KTIS/Minneapolis – Up to medium rotation
WDJC/Birmingham – Up to heavy rotation
KAIM/Honolulu – Up to heavy rotation



Billboard/BDS Christian Airplay:
UP 3 spots from #5 to #2 on the chart this week!!! +1,554,500 on the chart this week for a total of 11,128,500. I swear, 11, 6 and 2 are the worst numbers for promotion people.


AC Monitored:
Up 2 spots from #5 to #3 with 1915 spins and +167 spins for the week! It’s the #1 most-increased song at this format as well.


Mediabase Audience:
UP 1 spot from #5 to #4 with a HUGE increase of +1,299,000 and 12,991,000 in total audience!

Apr 23

Michael W. Smith overtakes Leeland in weekly consumption!

Michael’s version of Waymaker is the #1 version of the song after overtaking Leeland’s version with total consumption of 10,970 for #6 on the overall TOP 200!

Apr 20

Welcome Seattle to the party!

KCMS in Seattle, WA
WCLQ in Wausau, WI



More significant growth for the song again this week…
Shine.FM in Chicago and Indianapolis – Up to heavy!
KAIM in Honolulu – Up to heavy
KVMV in McAllen, TX – Up to heavy A (maximum rotation)
KFMK in Austin, TX – Up to heavy
WBCL in Fort Wayne, IN – Up to heavy
WOLW in Traverse City, MI – Up to heavy
WWWA in Augusta, ME – Up to medium rotation


AC Monitored:
Up 1 spot to #5 (another TOP 5!!!) with 1748 spins and +91 spins for the week (another HUGE gain)!


AC Indicator:
UP another 2 spots from #10 to #8 this week…we were +57 spins this week for a total of 951 spins!

Apr 16

Top 10 in total consumption!

#9 in overall consumption in the Christian genre with total sales of 12,641!

Apr 13

#3 on Troy Research!

#3 on Troy Research nationally

W25-54: 4.11

W25-34: 4.15

W35-44: 4.08

W45-54: 4.11

Apr 13

Top 10 on all charts!

KNWS in Waterloo, IA


More significant growth for the song again this week…
KTIS/Minneapolis, MN – up to medium
KFIS/Portland, OR – from light rotation to heavy rotation in only 90 spins. 😳
WAKW/Cincinnati, OH – Up to heavy rotation
WMUV/Jacksonville, FL – Up to heavy rotation
KAIM/Honolulu, HI – Up to heavy rotation
KTSY/Boise, ID – Up to heavy rotation
KDUV/Visalia, CA – Exclusively in heavy rotation
KBNJ/Corpus Christi, TX – Up to heavy rotation


Billboard/BDS Christian Airplay:
Gained a spot from #5 to #4 this week! Strong increases again of +337,900 for a total of 9,812,400.


AC Monitored:
Holding steady at #6 with 1657 spins and +163 spins for the week (another HUGE gain)!


AC Indicator:
UP another spot from #11 to #10 this week…we were +24 spins this week for a total of 894 spins!


Mediabase Audience:
TOP 5 yet again on this audience chart jumping up from #5 to #4 with an increase of +673,000 for the week and a total of 12,062,000 in audience.

Apr 09

#1 on Spotify Top Christian!

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