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Add Date: May 18, 2020

Short Story Behind “Together”

G’Day to you, it’s Joel and Luke here with for KING & COUNTRY. We’re very proud to present to you a song that frankly, almost got the better of us. By the grace of God it has come together, so to speak, in a very important time in human history where the one great denominator amongst us is the fact that we all believe the same, and no better time in human history than for us to unite and unify. We hope that you’re impacted by this song. This song is “TOGETHER,” featuring Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin.




for KING & COUNTRY – TOGETHER (Acoustic Version) [feat. Cory Asbury & Rebecca St. James] releases worldwide!

#1 BDS Christian AC Monitored!

“Together” reached #1 on BDS Christian AC Monitored with 49 stations on and 2307 total spins!

Kirk Franklin’s first #1 on Christian radio!

Got to have a moment with Kirk Franklin today! “Together” is the first song that he’s been on that has made it to #1 on any of the Billboard Christian radio charts. Huge congrats to Kirk, Tori Kelly and my dudes for KING & COUNTRY. What an incredible accomplishment!

#1 at Billboard Christian Airplay!

TOP 5 AC Indicator!

“Together” reached Top 5 on BDS AC Indicator with 38 stations supporting it and a total of 1261 spins!

#1 BDS Christian Hot AC/CHR

“Together” reached #1 on BDS Christian Hot AC/CHR with all 18 stations supporting the song and 828 total spins!

for KING & COUNTRY – TOGETHER R3HAB Remix ft. Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly [Global Dance Music Video] PREMIERES ON YOUTUBE!

Closed it out at Hot AC/CHR!

Closed the panel at BDS Christian Hot AC/CHR this week with new adds at:

KMOQ in Joplin, MO
NGEN in Houston, TX
WJLZ in Norfolk, VA
WNFA in Port Huron, MI



Also got new adds at:

KCMS in Seattle, WA
WBGL in Champaign, IL
KJNW in Kansas City, MO
WCIC in Peoria, IL
WBDX in Chattanooga, TN

Another HUGE week for “Together”!

New adds this week at:

The Joy FM
KGBI in Omaha, NE
KLRC in Fayetteville, AR
KNWC in Sioux Falls, SD
WPER in Richmond, VA
KTIS in Minneapolis, MN
KLTY in Dallas, TX
WCQR in Johnson City, TN
WKNZ in Ocean City, MD
WAKW in Cincinnati, OH
WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI
WGTS in Washington DC
WNFR in Flint, MI
WYQQ in Worcester, MA
WBVM in Tampa, FL

BDS Christian AC Monitored debut!

“Together” feat. Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin premieres on BDS Christian AC Monitored at #23 with 33 stations on and a massive +269 spin increase!

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