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“This Could Change Everything” by Francesca Battistelli

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Add Date: May 8, 2020

The Story Behind “This Could Change Everything”

“When I wrote this song, I never could have predicted this life we’re all living right now. Routines upended, jobs lost, and normalcy a thing of the past. But in the midst of all this uncertainty, there is beauty. Families spending more time together, more cooking, gardening, bread baking, kitchen dance parties, reading aloud together, or returned to a slower way of life. What if when all of this is over, we don’t stay the same? What if we let this historic, unpredictable moment in time transform us? What if we say yes to that thing that scares us? What if we take a stand for what really matters? What if we listen to that still small voice urging us forward into a new and beautiful way of life? Lamentation says that God’s mercies are new every morning, and that means that every day, no matter the circumstances, we get the chance to take a step of faith to start over, to do what’s right, to change everything.” – Francesca Battistelli


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