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“The Wreck” by Tori Harper

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The Story Behind “The Wreck”

When life doesn’t go the way you think it should, and your plans start falling apart, the only place you can turn is the Lord. But the questions that rage, But the Lord is good? So why is life falling apart? How does a good God God fit into this mess?
Even with the questions, we can trust God. He isn’t afraid of our questions. The Wreck is about trusting that God knows best, and that He is with us. This is the simple truth. We don’t need all the answers, just to know that He hasn’t left and your life is still in His hands.
Where are you Lord? Where are you Lord?
In the middle of the mess
Lord show me how, to live faith out
In the middle of the mess
In the middle of the wreck

“The Wreck” Official Lyric Video

“The Wreck” Radio Version


The Wreck

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