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“The Blessing” by Kari Jobe feat. Cody Carnes

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Add Date: May 1, 2020

The Story Behind “The Blessing”

“I’m so moved by this song and how quickly it came about,” shares Kari Jobe about the power of this song. “Because this song is based on scripture, the message is timeless, and we wanted to release it as quick as we could knowing the effect it could have on people’s hearts and spirits immediately, as it did ours. Also, God knew it would be something we could hold onto during a season of our lives that’s full of uncertainties and unknowns. Do not be afraid, God is with you.”
The song was written at Elevation during a writing session with Jobe, Carnes and Elevation’s Steven Furtick and Chris Brown searching for the presence of God. It was written on a Thursday and that following Sunday they sang it for the first time at the Elevation Ballantyne campus and released the video five days later worldwide. Shortly after posting the live music video, it was clear this was a very special song as visible in the live taping.
“I think one of the most refreshing things about this song is that while a lot of people are facing such a deficit of encouragement in their lives,” explains Elevation’s Chris Brown, “this song comes along and is relentless in the encouragement and blessing it delivers from scripture over them, along with the assurance that God is with us and for us always.”
“People are in great need of being reminded of the promises in the word of God. I’m so thankful that His promises are promises of peace and strength. He says that in this world we will have trouble, but to take heart because He’s overcome it. He’s always with us, in every season.” Kari Jobe
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Total Consumption 17,516 last week!
Digital Sales with 3,900 total
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The Blessing

May 25

More stations + More growth!

  • +6 spots on the Mediabase Christian Audience Chart to #14
  • TOP 15 on the Mediabase Christian AC Chart
  • +3 spots on the Billboard Christian Airplay Chart to #16
  • #18 on the Billboard AC Monitored Chart
  • #16 on the Billboard AC Indicator Chart
  • Church Data
    • #1 on Multitracks
    • #1 on Praise Charts
    • #2 on CCLI Song Select
    • #7 on Planning Center
  • Adds this week: KLTY/Dallas, KNWI/Des Moines, KAMB/Merced


May 18

12 more adds + HUGE growth!

12 new stations added this week!

    • WGTS in Washington DC
    • The Joy FM in Tampa and Atlanta
    • WCVO in Columbus, OH
    • KJNW in Kansas City, MO
    • KKFS in Sacramento, CA
    • WCRH in Hagerstown, PA
    • WAYR in Brunswick, GA
    • WBGL in Champaign, IL
    • WJQK in Grand Rapids, MI
    • WFRN in South Bend, IN
    • WYQQ in Worcester, MA



TOP 20 on the Mediabase Christian Audience Chart



+4 spots on the Mediabase Christian AC Chart to #18



#19 on the Billboard Christian Airplay Chart



+5 spots on the Billboard AC Monitored Chart to #18



+7 spots on the Billboard AC Indicator Chart to #17

May 16

Canada blessing!

Canada added their version of “The Blessing” to the worldwide chorus!

May 11

A symphonic blessing from Passion City Church in Atlanta!

May 11

Chart Debut + 13 more stations!

“The Blessing” debuts at #24 on BDS Christian AC Indicator with 23 stations on and an increase of +123 spins!


13 NEW adds this week!
KLOVE network
WMUV in Jacksonville, FL
WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI
WLAB in Ft. Wayne, IN
KFMK in Austin, TX
KVMV in McAllen, TX
WCTL in Erie, PA
WGRC in Williamsport, PA
WECC in Brunswick, GA
WBCL in Ft. Wayne, IN
WGNV in Wausau, WI
KLRC in Fayetteville, AR
WJTL in Lancaster, PA

May 11

HUGE growth!

Top 20 on the Mediabase Christian Audience Chart


+8 spots on the Mediabase Christian AC Chart to #22


+10 spots to TOP 20 on the Billboard Christian Airplay Chart


HIGHEST audience increase with +1.67 MILLION


#23 on the Billboard AC Monitored Chart


HIGHEST spin increase with +205 spins


#24 on the Billboard AC Indicator Chart

May 05

The Blessing over our health!

May 04

Chart debut at BDS Christian AC Monitored

“The Blessing” debuts at #29 on BDS Christian AC Monitored with 22 stations on and a whopping +223 spins for the week!

May 04

The Blessing around the globe

This one is awesome. Vocals were from Australia, drums were in Austria, more vocals in Italy, some instruments in Romania, another vocal in the USA…. So cool!

May 04

Add Date: 46 stations in the first week!

HUGE add week for “The Blessing” with 46 stations on in the first week!

KDUV in Visalia, CA
WAKW in Cincinnati, OH
Shine.FM network
KCMS in Seattle, WA
KWND in Springfield, MO
KAIM in Honolulu, HI
WBFJ in Winston-Salem, NC
KFIS in Portland, OR
KSOS in Las Vegas, NV
WJIE in Louisville, KY
KAXL in Bakersfield, CA
The Message on Sirius/XM
KTSY in Boise, ID
HIS RADIO network
KBNJ in Corpus Christi, TX
WDJC in Birmingham, AL
WAWZ in Middlesex, NJ
WAY-FM network
WRBS in Baltimore, MD
KSBJ in Houston, TX
WAFJ in Augusta, GA
KLJY in St. Louis, MO
KYCC in Stockton, CA
AIR1 Network
WMIT in Asheville, NC
ChristianFM network
WHPZ in South Bend, IN
WKNZ in Ocean City, MD
WLJN in Traverse City, MI
WCLN in Fayetteville, NC
The House of Praise network
KGTS in College Place, WA
WOLW in Traverse City, MI
WWIB in Eau Claire, WI
WWWA in Augusta, ME
ChristianFM network/syndication
KKJM in St. Cloud, MN
KHPE in Eugene, OR
KCVO in Columbia, MO
KNLB in Phoenix, AZ
WNFR in Flint, MI
KFNW in Fargo, ND
KNWC in Sioux Falls, SD
WLCQ in Springfield, MA
The House FM network
WJTL in Lancaster, PA
WORQ in Green Bay, WI

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