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“Source Of Life” by Cade Thompson

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Story Behind “Source Of Life”

“Hey this is Cade Thompson and my song source of life has turned out to be a life-giving anthem for me over this past year. It was created during a season when I personally was feeling exhausted, I felt like I had no more words left to say let alone even pray. And at that very moment I found myself trying to walk through life In My Own Strength instead of resting in the strength that only God can give. Like many of us I tend to strive too hard when life gets overwhelming, uncomfortable or uncertain. But in Isaiah 40:29 it says, “he gives strength to the weary and increases power of the week.” This world is constantly fighting for attention, leaving this weary, broken and empty. So maybe you’re feeling that same way today. This song is for you, and my hope is that this song reminds you that your striving can end as you turn your attention back to God. He is the source of life.”


Source Of Life

Aug 16

Now Playing At:

WNWC // Madison, WI
KAIM // Honolulu, HI
WWWA // Augusta, ME
WCLN // Fayetteville, NC
WLJN // Traverse-City, MI
KFNW // Fargo, ND
KCVO // Columbia, MO
KAMB // Merced, CA
WDJC // Birmingham, AL

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