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Add Date: May 29, 2020

The Story Behind “Revolutionary”

“Revolutionary” is all about kindness. I believe that kindness matters. It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the negativity we see in the world and on the news, and this song is a reminder that we are called to more than that.  We’re called to love as Christ has loved us. I am so encouraged by the acts of kindness I’ve seen recently, even amidst a worldwide pandemic, even in an election year. In many ways, our struggles are actually bringing us together. We’re learning that we all have a lot more in common than we thought, and it’s beautiful to see the ways people are serving each other. The lyrics are a prayer for God, through us, to start a revolution of kindness. Will you join us? — Josh Wilson

Troy Research - Christian Genre
Women 24-54
Women 25-34
Women 35-44
Women 45-54


Oct 26

Momentum continues for Josh Wilson!

“Revolutionary” jumps up from #9 to #7 at BDS Christian AC Monitored with an increase in plays of +105 on the strength of conversions to heavy rotation at The Joy FM network; KWND in Springfield, MO; KAXL in Bakersfield, CA and KLTY in Dallas, TX.

Oct 05

Top 5!!!

“Revolutionary” breaks into the Top 5 on Billboard Christian Airplay this week at #5 with a total audience of 6,890,700!!!

Sep 08

HUGE increase in consumption!

“Revolutionary” continues to respond in big ways with radio listeners…increasing by +109% over the past 8 weeks! The song is now selling more 3.3k+ tracks per week!

Aug 31

Top 10 Billboard Christian Airplay!

“Revolutionary” moved into the Top 10 on Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart this week at #8 with 6,912,300 in total audience!



Heavy rotation at KLOVE, WayFM and KVMV/McAllen, TX

Aug 10

New at The Message on Sirius/XM

New add this week at The Message on Sirius/XM!

Jul 20

80+ stations on!

Jul 13

71 Stations On!!!

Jul 06

Top 20 on Billboard Christian Airplay

5-spot jump to #19 this week on Billboard Christian Airplay!
#24 on BDS Christian AC Monitored!
#21 BDS Christian AC Indicator!


KSOS in Las Vegas, NV
WAWZ in Middlesex, NJ
His Radio network
KAXL in Bakersfield, CA
The House of Praise network
WBHY in Mobile, AL

Jun 29

Another huge week!

#24 Billboard Christian Airplay
#25 BDS Christian AC Monitored
#23 BDS Christian AC Indicator


KCMS in Seattle, WA
KTIS in Minneapolis, MN
KFIS in Portland, OR
KLJY in St. Louis, MO
WHPZ in South Bend, IN
WFRN in South Bend, IN
KFNW in Fargo, ND
KSLT in Rapid City, SD

Jun 22

Debut on BDS Christian AC Monitored!

Revolutionary debuts at #26 on BDS Christian AC Monitored!
#24 BDS Christian AC Indicator!


New this week:

KLTY in Dallas, TX
KJNW in Kansas City, MO
WBDX in Chattanooga, TN
WMUV in Jacksonville, FL
WRVL in Roanoke, VA
WJQK in Grand Rapids, MI
WGNV in Wausau, WI
WORQ in Green Bay, WI

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