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Add Date: September 3, 2021

Story Behind “Relate”

Troy Research - Christian Genre
Women 25-54
Women 25-34
Women 35-44
Women 45-54


Dec 08

#1 Billboard Christian Audience

“Relate” just hit #1 Billboard Christian Audience this week, the 7th #1 in a row with 10 overall!

Nov 29

Latest Troy Research

3.98 F 25-54

3.96 F 25-34

3.97 F 35-44

4.01 F 45-54

91% Familiarity

Nov 11

Moving UP

Moving Into Heavy This Week:

Nov 01

2nd Most-Increased Audience!

+2.1 Million Increased Audience this week!

from #12 to TOP 5 Billboard Christian Airplay

#9 BDS AC Monitored

#8 BDS AC Indicator


#10 Mediabase Audience

Oct 08

Great Updates This Week

  • The Fish Sacramento moves into medium next week! Who else is moving “Relate” up?
  • #22 in overall weekly consumption among ALL songs in Christian music…and growing each week. 712k streams and 6200+ weekly consumption. A true hit in the making!
Oct 01

Massive Week!

  • WAY-FM, KCMS/Seattle & Family Life/Tucson adding this week!
  • #14 Mediabase Audience and #12 Billboard Christian Airplay
  • 40% increase in consumption in the past TWO weeks…this song is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sep 28

Killer Bee Marketing Article – check it out!

Christian radio friends…Brian Curee and Killer Bee Marketing are on to something with this. Not saying this because I’m promoting this song but because there is a need for vulnerable and deep / engaging thought provoking content on radio station social media pages. Every station seems to post the same things…and each week they seem to lose more and more impact and engagement. This might be worth looking at!

He even provides you with three images to use on socials to engage your audience around the idea of compassion and empathy. These are free of charge.

Sep 21

True Hit In The Making

Big jump on the charts this week:
#12 Billboard Christian Airplay (up 5 spots from lw)
#15 BDS AC Monitored
#15 BDS AC Indicator (up 2 spots from lw)
#7 BDS Hot AC/CHR (up 3 spots from lw)

Debut #14 Troy Research this week
3.96 with women 25-34

+61.7% in total consumption and +68.5% in total streaming last week.

#33 nationwide with 5,652 total consumption.

A true hit in the making!

Sep 20

Story is building with “Relate”

Debuted #14 Troy Research
with 83% familiarity

#12 Billboard Christian Airplay this week
(up 5 spots from lw)

#15 BDS AC Monitored & AC Indicator

⬆️60% + ~ 4M streams overall

Aug 30

Huge Jumps On The Charts

Massive jumps on the charts this week, even before add date!

#25 Billboard National Christian Airplay (up 6 spots from lw)

#27 BDS AC Monitored (up 3 spots from lw)

Debuted #28 BDS AC Indicator

#20 BDS Hot AC/CHR (up 10 spots from lw)

#25 Mediabase Audience


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