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“Promises” by Maverick City Music

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BDS/Billboard Christian Airplay
BDS/Billboard Christian AC Monitored
BDS/Billboard Christian AC Indicator
Mediabase Christian Audience

Add Date: May 28, 2021

“Promises” Official Music Video

This song has already taken off with INSANE streaming numbers and consumption. You, radio, are the final leg to this being a HUGE hit!

Top 30 on Planning Center

Maverick City Music’s #1 song.

Troy Research - Christian Genre
Women 25-54
Women 24-35
Women 35-44
Women 45-54
Planning Center - Christian Genre
Planning Center
Song Select by CCLI - Christian Genre
CCLI Song Select


Dec 08

What A Week! Moves To A #1

#4 Billboard Christian Audience this week….AND climbing!

#1 RateTheMusic with All People 12+ // #3 with women 25-54

KLOVE moves to heavy rotation this week. KSBJ/Houston moves up right out of Christmas music! This song is in its PRIME right now.

Nov 12

ANOTHER great week – TOP 5!

New This Week:

Moving Into Heavy:

Already TOP 5 at BDS AC Monitored…time for a move UP?!

#4 OVERALL in weekly consumption for the entire genre with just over 11,500 for the week…+13.7% overall last week. A massive hit…and a future #1?

Nov 02

The Data is Piling UP!

National numbers!
– Huge in the church! #32 right now on Planning Center…around 45,000 churches use this each week to organize their services. To reach the Top 50 here a song has to be lead at SO many churches…this is significant exposure happening all of the country right now.
– Troy Research (publishing yesterday) shows the song at #3 overall with only 90% familiarity and a 4.02 score. It’s #1 with women 25-34 with a 4.14 score and #3 with women 35-44 with a 4.03 score.
– Rate The Music (within Mediabase – and more than 10k responses) shows the song at #2 this week with a 4.21 overall score (women 25-54) and #1 women 35-44 with a 4.28 score. It’s also #3 with men 25-54 with a 4.21 score.
– In weekly consumption (national), the song is #9 overall with just over 10k total consumption per week…+5.9% total last week in consumption, +4.9% in streaming (1.2 MILLION last week) and +23% in digital sales.
Nov 01

Top 10 This Week!

Top 10 this week!

#9 Billboard Christian Airplay

#7 BDS AC Monitored

#15 BDS AC Indicator

#9 Mediabase Audience

#9 Mediabase AC


Oct 21

What’s New This Week?

Up to heavy rotation at:
Shine.FM network (Chicago, Indianapolis, Lansing)
The Joy FM network (Atlanta/Tampa)
KWND/Springfield, MO
WCVO/Columbus, OH
KAIM/Honolulu, HI
KTSY/Boise, ID
WCQR/Johnson City, TN
Up to medium rotation at:
WAWZ/Middlesex, NJ
WDJC/Birmingham, AL
WMIT/Asheville, NC
2 new adds: 
KBIQ/Colorado Springs, CO
WBDX/Chattanooga, TN
#11 Billboard Christian Airplay
#9 BDS AC Monitored
#15 BDS AC Indicator
#11 Mediabase Audience
Oct 05

Massive week in research & on the charts!

Huge week of research

Troy Research:
#5 Overall Troy Research
#1 with Women 25-34
This is a GIANT hit

Rate The Music:
#3 Overall with a 4.17 score!

from 4.02 to 4.17 in one week
biggest gain of the week

Charts This Week:
 Billboard Christian Airplay (up 2 spots)
#12 BDS AC Monitored
#16 BDS AC Indicator
#12 Mediabase


2nd Most-Increased Song at AC this week!

Sep 27


  • “Promises” jumped to Top 20 on BDS AC Indicator chart this week. A 10 spot jump from last week! It’s trending at #12 on Billboard Christian Airplay this week as well…and is +97 plays on AC Monitored through Thursday of this week.
  • 10 NEW adds:
    • KSBJ/Houston, TX
    • Family Life/Arizona
    • KFIS/Portland, OR
    • KKFS/Sacramento, CA
    • KGNZ/Abilene, TX
    • KKJM/St. Cloud, MN
    • KNLB/Phoenix, AZ
    • KSLT/Rapid City, SD
    • WCLQ/Wausau-Stevens Point
    • WCRH/Hagerstown, MD
Sep 21

Massive Story Building…

Massive story happening around this song…
check this out:

Added This Week:
WPER // Richmond, VA
KTSY // Boise, ID
WKNZ // Salisbury-Ocean City, MD
KNWS // Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA
KHPE // Eugene, OR
WCTL // Erie, PA

Adding Soon:
The Fish // Portland, OR

Research This Week:

#13 Troy Research
#1 with Women 25-34 // 4.10 score
79% Familiarity
#8 RateTheMusic Women 25-34
with score of 4.04

New Hook growing by .30 at WBGL

Sep 21

Here’s What Rob Wagman is Saying…

“Maverick City “Promises” is proving a pattern we’ve seen in the past with Elevation’s O Come To The Altar and Rattle or One Sonic Society’s Great Are You Lord, where the consumption of the past, and familiarity in the church will WORK FOR YOU and NOT against you as the singles work their way to radio.” – Rob Wagman’s Moneyball Chart

Aug 30

Charts This Week & Adds

#15 Billboard National Christian Airplay (up 2 spots from lw)

#17 BDS AC Monitored (up 1 spot from lw)

N&A BDS AC Indicator


#15 Mediabase Audience (up 1 spot from lw)


3 More Adds This Week!

WGTS // Washington, DC

KJNW // Kansas City, MO

WSCF // Ft. Pierce, FL


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