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“Paid It All” by Decibel Worship

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The Story Behind “Paid It All”

How did the song come about?

I (Michael Davis) co-wrote the song with a fellow worship leader (Steve Adams) from Greenhouse Church back in Florida. We just wanted to spend a Worship song writing day. He actually came with the start of the 1st verse. I wrote 2nd half of it, then the chorus just flowed in response to writing the verses about Jesus’ sacrifice.

What do the lyrics mean to you personally?

The key to our confidence in our relationship with God is knowing that our debt has been totally paid. Forgiven once for all time. We’re made to respond to the glory of God. I feel there’s not enough songs just simply praising Him for Who He is. We really don’t need more than to see His Glory. The Lord’s Prayer reveals we start with the Holiness of God & end with the Glory of God.


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