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“Ordinary” by Hannah Kerr

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BDS/Billboard Christian Airplay
Ordinary by Hannah Kerr

Add Date: February 14, 2020

The Story Behind “Ordinary”

Hi, this is Hannah Kerr.

So ordinary is really about how we often are looking for God in the huge things. We’re looking for these amazing miracles. We’re waiting for the ground to shake and the thunderclouds to be so loud in our ears. But sometimes God is just trying to speak to us in the ordinary moments of life. In the second verse it talks about watching the seasons change. It talks about having a conversation with a friend. It talks about laughing with joy. The little moments in life that are so important. I think we can miss them so often because we’re waiting for this giant thing to happen. But God is so present in our daily lives and it really just comes down to the fact that there is no mundane, even though it might feel like we’re just going through the motions or we’re stuck in the same place. God makes every moment new. His mercies are new every morning, and he makes the ordinary extraordinary.


“Ordinary” Acoustic Video


Ordinary Timeline

Feb 24

8 new stations on!

  • Family Life in NY
  • KWND in Springfield, MO
  • The JOY FM (WVFJ and WCIE)
  • KYTT in Eugene, OR
  • WBDX in Chattanooga, TN
  • WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI
  • WCVK in Bowling Green, KY
Feb 14

Add date! 19 stations on out of the box.

  • The Message on Sirius/XM
  • Shine.FM network
  • KTIS in Minneapolis, MN
  • KYCC in Stockton, CA
  • KLRC in Fayetteville, AR
  • WKNZ in Ocean City, MD
  • WCRH in Hagerstown, MD
  • WNFR in Flint, MI
  • WECC in Brunswick, GA
  • KNLB in Phoenix, AZ
  • WHPZ in South Bend, IN
  • WCLN in Fayetteville, NC
  • WWWA in Augusta, ME
  • KCVO in Columbia, MO
  • WBCL in Fort Wayne, IN
  • WJLZ in Norfolk, VA
  • The House FM network
  • WJTL in Lancaster, PA
Feb 03

“Ordinary” Debuts

  • Billboard/BDS Christian Airplay at #42
Jan 01

Promo Tour for “Ordinary”

Visited 20 stations across the country ahead of the launch of “Ordinary”


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