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“Moving Through Me” by Joshua Micah

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Moving Through Me - Cover

Add Date: March 12, 2020

The Story Behind “Moving Through Me”

This song is about coming to the realization that God is not only with us, but he is within us. I view it almost as if it’s a super power. In the same way that a fictional hero has certain powers that they possess, we too have power and confidence that only God can give us. It’s the reason we pray. It’s the reason we ask God to move mountains in our lives, because we know he has the power to do these things.

2 Peter 1:3 says, “His divine power has given us everything we need.” I think there’s a crazy thing that happens when we start to actually believe and apply this to our lives. A lot of times, He does miraculous things through us. — Joshua Micah


“Moving Through Me” Music Video (LIVE)


Moving Through Me - Timeline

Feb 24

Off to the races at Hot AC/CHR!

4 NEW adds at BDS Hot AC/CHR:

  • The House FM network
  • WYPH in Hartford, CT
  • WORQ in Green Bay, WI
  • WHMX in Bangor, ME
Feb 21

Add Date

Feb 07

LIVE performance video released

Recorded at Shirk Studios – Chicago, IL Directed by Chris Hershman
Produced by Justin Amundrud and Joshua Micah
Written by Joshua Micah and Justin Amundrud © 2020 Hatch Music Publishing and Centricity Music Publishing

Jan 24

Song Release

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