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Add Date: August 21, 2020

The Story Behind “Man Of Your Word”

Songs like “Man of Your Word” are the kinds of songs we need in times like these. The voices and opinions of others aren’t always helpful and can often distract us if we’re not careful. Every now and again we need to be reminded. For us, worshiping has always been about remembrance: remembering what God says about us, our family, our relationships, and every thing else in between. We may not always feel like it’s gonna work out, but His Word tells us that it will. We are constantly reminding ourselves that Jesus is truly a ‘Man of His Word’, and as long as we’re still breathing, He’s still working. We hope this song finds you in a place where you can be reminded that He who promised is faithful to complete and perform everything he has promised to you.
-Maverick City Music
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Man Of Your Word

Nov 06

Man Of Your Word Catching Radio By Storm!

Oct 19

Giving the People What They Want!

Man of Your Word” moving up the charts & increased audience. 2nd Most-Increased Audience this week!

Jumps 5 spots on BDS AC Indicator Charts! #21 to #16

Oct 12

Mav City is in the TOP 20!

“Man Of Your Word” jumps 5 spots from #25 to #20 on Billboard Christian Airplay this week with an increase in audience of +339,400 for a total of 1,817,100! It also jumped up 3 spots from #24 to #21 on BDS Christian AC Monitored!

Oct 12


“Man Of Your Word” is new this week at:

KLOVE network
KKFS in Sacramento, CA
WYQQ in Worcester, MA


Oct 05

Welcome Kansas City to the party!

NEW this week:
KJNW in Kansas City, MO and KDUV in Visalia, CA at BDS Christian AC Monitored plus, new adds at WJQK in Grand Rapids and KHPE in Eugene, OR.



We’re growing on these charts too!
#25 on Billboard Christian Airplay
#24 on BDS Christian AC Monitored

Sep 28

Top 25!!

Up 3 spots from #28 to #25 at BDS Christian AC Monitored. 8 more adds across all formats! Plus, #25 on Billboard Christian Airplay.





WAWZ in Middlesex, NJ
KAXL in Bakersfield, CA
WBDX in Chattanooga, TN
The House of Praise network
KLRC in Fayetteville, AR
KKJM in St. Cloud, MN
WAYR in Brunswick, GA
The House FM network

Sep 21

TIED for Most-Added at BDS Christian AC Monitored

HUGE week for “Man Of Your Word” at Christian radio! Tied for most-added this week at BDS Christian AC Radio with 8 new adds.



KLTY in Dallas, TX
Shine.FM network
The JOY FM network (WCIE/Tampa and WVFJ/Atlanta)
WMUV in Jacksonville, FL
WJIE in Louisville, KY
WLAB in Fort Wayne, IN
KWND in Springfield, MO


Sep 17

Scott Herrold at SOS Radio in Las Vegas talks with Chandler Moore

An absolute MUST-LISTEN conversation between Scott Herrold at SOS Radio in Las Vegas talks and Chandler Moore from Maverick City Music.


Sep 14

Debut on BDS Christian AC Monitored!

“Man Of Your Word” debuts on BDS Christian AC Monitored at #29 this week with 15 stations on-board!



KVMV in McAllen, TX
KNWI in Des Moines, IA
WMIT in Asheville, NC

Sep 07

Welcome Atlanta to the party!

New adds this week from:
WFSH in Atlanta, GA
KFIS in Portland, OR
Family Life network in NY
KFMK in Austin, TX
WCVK in Bowling Green, KY


UP 2 more spots from #33 to #31 on Billboard Christian Airplay!

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