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Add Date: September 10, 2021

“Know You Will” Lyrics

When the world’s on fire
It’s not like You don’t have a plan
And when the earth gives way
On this rock Your church will stand
And nothing has ever once surprised You
Nothing has ever made You flinch
And when it all shakes out
The gates of Hell don’t stand a chance
I don’t know how You make a way
But I know You will
I don’t know how You make a way
But I know You will

Know You Will

Nov 02

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#23 Billboard Christian Airplay (up 1 spot from lw)

#25 BDS AC Monitored (up 1 spot from lw)

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#24 Mediabase Audience (up 7 spots from lw)

Aug 31

Charts & Adds This Week

#31 Billboard National Christian Airplay (up 2 spots from lw)

#23 Mediabase Audience (up 1 spot from lw)

New Add At: WJIE // Louisville, KY



Aug 23

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