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“Jump” by NONAH

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Add Date: June 11, 2021

“Jump” Official Lyric Video

This song is an anthem to the faithfulness of God from a group who truly bets their lives on this being true. NONAH likes to joke that they’re a ministry masquerading as a band. They LOVE making music but they’re here for so much more. They exist to worship Jesus and to see His Kingdom here on Earth. They have fun but they don’t take themselves too seriously. The thing they take seriously: producing and writing dope pop songs loaded with truth. As the story unfolds, you’ll know Nonah as a group who is here for the things that count…their family, partnership in ministry and sharing the truth through huge leaps of faith.

“Meet me in the free fall

I know you’re faithful

You come and rescue me

Every time

I’m gonna jump into your arms, into your arms

I’m gonna give you everything, all of me

I’m never ever looking back

Fixing my eyes on you

I’m gonna jump into your arms, into your arms”



We like to joke that we’re a ministry masquerading as a band. Hear us, we love making music but when it comes down to it, we just want to worship Jesus and see His Kingdom come to this earth. We have fun, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we run after God unafraid of what other people think. We’re basically just really big kids in grown up bodies. Welcome to the party 🙂


Aug 31

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#38 Billboard National Christian Airplay

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Aug 16

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#32 Billboard Christian Airplay

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#35 Billboard National Christian Airplay

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May 31

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#35 Billboard National Christian Airplay

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May 17

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