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Add Date: April 2021

The Story Behind “Joyful”

At a time when most of us have experienced change in nearly every area of our lives, some things remain constant. In his latest single, “Joyful”, Dante Bowe reminds us that joy can certainly be one of them. Sweeping listeners into its Gospel R&B groove from the get-go, “Joyful” is a breath of fresh air at a time when we all need it. “Joy is so different than happiness. While happiness is that temporary feeling created by circumstance, joy isn’t based on anything other than truth,” Bowe observes. “You can be in a bad place or sad situation and still have joy: the knowing that greater things are coming and the moment you are in is not the end.” With lyrics that can’t help but put a smile on your face, Bowe declares the fact that all we have is today, the now, to make joy our contagious cry to the Lord.



Jul 13

The Data

“Joyful” is one particular song that is surprising a ton of programmers right now. In the latest Mediabase RATE THE MUSIC, the song scored a 3.94 overall with an amazing 4.01 with women 45-54. That’s a score I could guarantee you nobody predicted when this song was sent to radio.

In weekly consumption (Nielsen Music Connect), the song was +51.2% overall week-to-week. This is a strong indicator of demand! For a song with just over 50% of the BDS Christian AC Monitored stations supporting it and only 20% of the BDS Christian AC Indicator stations supporting it, this is a song that I can confidently say is worth paying attention to right now.

Songs don’t grow this way in research and consumption without there being a genuine and natural demand for them from the audience listening to them each week.

Heart+Beats Full Article at HisAir.net

Jul 12

Charting This Week

#14 Billboard National Christian Airplay
#16 BDS AC Monitored
N&A BDS AC Indicator
#15 BDS Hot AC/CHR
#16 Mediabase Audience

Jun 29

New Add This Week

KTSY // Boise, ID

Jun 21

New Add!

WMIT // Asheville, NC adding this week!

Jun 14

Heading to TOP 20

#21 Billboard National Airplay

#22 BDS AC Monitored

#23 BDS Hot AC/CHR

#19 Mediabase

Jun 07

Heading to TOP 20!

#22 Billboard National Christian Airplay

#22 BDS AC Monitored

N&A BDS AC Indicator

#24 BDS Hot AC/CHR

#18 Mediabase

May 31

End of May Chart Update

#22 Billboard National Christian Airplay

#22 BDS AC Monitored

N&A BDS AC Indicator

#24 BDS Hot AC/CHR

#18 Mediabase

May 24

Moving On Up!

Heading to TOP 20 at #21 Billboard Christian Airplay this week!

#22 BDS AC Monitored (up 2 spots from last week!)

New & Active BDS AC Indicator

#25 BDS Christian Hot AC/CHR (up 4 spots from last week!)

#18 Mediabase (up 2 spots from last week)

May 17

What’s Happening This Week?

BIGGEST Jump (5 spots) on BDS AC Monitored from #29 to #24

Debuts on BDS Christian Hot AC/CHR at #29 this week

New At:

KSOS / Las Vegas, NV

HIS Radio

WJIE / Louisville, KY

May 03

“Joyful” On The Charts May 3rd

#28 Billboard National Christian Airplay (up 2 spots from last week)

Debuted #29 BDS AC Monitored

#31 Mediabase

New & Active BDS Hot AC/CHR


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