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Add Date: June 18, 2021

Story Behind “Into The Wild”

Josh Baldwin’s song “Into The Wild” is from his solo album Evidence, his second release with Bethel Music, following the 2017 release of The War Is Over. “Into The Wild” was written to remind us of the importance to dream like a child. Josh’s hope is that listeners will be reminded to trust the Father with our lives and follow His heart.

“It’s time to dream like a child again.”


Into The Wild

Jun 21

New Stations On

KAIM // Honolulu, HI
WCLN // Fayetteville, NC

WLJN // Traverse City, MI

Jun 17

New Adds At 104.9 The River & KLOVE This Week!

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What if this song doesn’t merely test well with your audience…what if this song INSPIRES your team to dream…to reach for more…to jump into the wild of innovation, impact and vulnerability? Let’s go there together!

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WJTL // Lancaster, PA
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