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Graves Into Gardens by Elevation Worship Cover Artwork

Add Date: August 21, 2020

The Story Behind “Graves Into Gardens”

“Our faith is built on the truth that when Jesus hung on a cross and was placed in a tomb, it wasn’t the end. He wasn’t buried, he was only planted. What the world saw as defeat, God knew was a victory. Our faith is in a resurrected King, and the reality that resurrection is still happening and is possible in our own lives.”
“We hope people are able to take a second look at what they once considered “dead” in their life. And that this project provides a new perspective that allows them to see new life in seemingly dead places. Because what God breathes on must come to life. And what we may see as a grave, God sees as a garden.” – Chris Brown
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“Graves Into Gardens” Music Video

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Graves Into Gardens

Oct 26

Momentum continues…

Up another spot this week at Billboard Christian Airplay to #15 with +436,100 in total audience!


Up 2 spots at BDS Christian AC Indicator to #8 with 35 stations on.


Oct 19

3 spot jump at AC Monitored!

HUGE jump on the BDS Christian AC Monitored chart from #17 to #14 with new adds this week from…
WGTS in Washington DC
KFIS in Portland, OR
KXOJ in Tulsa, OK
KAMB in Merced, CA

“Graves Into Gardens” moves up 1 spot to #10 on BDS Christian AC Indicator as Elevation Worship achieves it’s 6th consecutive TOP 10 song!

Oct 12

Most-increased plays AND audience this week!

“Graves Into Gardens” is most-increased plays at AC and most increased audience at Billboard Christian Airplay this week!



#14 Billboard Christian Airplay: +783,300 audience
#17 BDS Christian AC Monitored: +152 plays
#11 BDS Christian AC Indicator: +114 plays
Mediabase Christian Audience: +1,194,000 audience



3 NEW adds this week:
WAWZ in Middlesex, NJ
KBIQ in Colorado Springs, CO
WAFJ in Augusta, GA


Oct 05

9 more go gardening!

Welcome these stations to the garden party!
KFSH in Los Angeles, CA
KHPE in Eugene, OR
KJIL in Meade, KS
KTIS in Minneapolis, MN
WAYR in Brunswick, GA
WBGL in Champaign, IL
WCQR in Johnson City, TN
WGNV in Green Bay, WI
WBVM in Tampa, FL

Sep 28

New this week at…

WOLW in Traverse City, MI
KNWC in Sioux Falls, SD
KGNZ in Abilene, TX


#17 Billboard Christian Airplay (+806,200 in audience | 3,378,200 total audience!)
#16 BDS Christian AC Monitored
#17 BDS Christian AC Indicator
Debut at #29 BDS Christian Hot AC/CHR

Sep 28

Debuts on BDS Christian Hot AC/CHR!

“Graves Into Gardens” debuts on BDS Christian Hot AC/CHR this week at #29 with support from…

The House FM network
WJLZ in Norfolk, VA
WLCQ in Springfield, MA
WJTL in Lancaster, PA
WYQQ in Worcester, MA
WORQ in Green Bay, WI
KZKZ in Fort Smith, AR
WLJW in Traverse City, MI

Sep 21

Top 20 at Billboard Christian Airplay + New at KLOVE!

HUGE week at Billboard Christian Airplay with new adds from…

The Joy FM
88.3 The Wind in Springfield, MO
Life 88.5 in Kansas City, MO
Life 107.1 in Des Moines, IA
103.9 The Fish in Sacramento, CA
89Q in Wausau, WI



65 stations on so far in just 4 weeks!


Sep 14

New this week at…

KTSY in Boise, ID and KGBI in Omaha, NE

Sep 09

Hang-time with Chris Brown from Elevation Worship on ZOOM!

Sep 07

Welcome Dallas to the garden party!

New this week at:
KLTY in Dallas, TX
WRVL in Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA
KKJM in St. Cloud, MN
KFNW in Fargo, ND

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