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“Evidence” by Josh Baldwin

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Josh Baldwin - Evidence Cover Art

Add Date: July 6, 2020

The Story Behind “Evidence”

Hi, this is Josh Baldwin. The song Evidence, it just really came out of wanting to sing a song, write a song that talked about my history with the Lord, our history with the Lord. I think especially nowadays, and what’s going on with, you know, the pandemic stuff and everything that’s happening with the world. It’s easy to let fear creep in and let our current situation cloud us into forgetting what the Lord has done for us. This song speaks to that. When it talks about, all throughout my history, Your faithfulness has walked beside me. I’ve been thinking of that so much in the last few months with everything going on. I know what things look like right now, but what do I know about the Lord? Well, I know that He’s always been for me. He’s always been with me. He’s always good. And through that, He’s teaching me how to walk in that. Walk-in His victory and what he’s done for us


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Song Timeline

New Adds Feb 1st
New Adds Feb 1st


#1 With Women

61 Stations on [and counting]

This list is overwhelming even to us but dang…this is a hit!

KAIM/Honolulu, HI
KAXL/Bakersfield, CA
KBNJ/Corpus Christi, TX
KCVO/Columbia, MO
KDUV/Visalia, CA
Family Life network in AZ
KFNW/Fargo, ND
KHPE/Eugene, OR
KJIL/Meade, KS
KJNW/Kansas City, MO
KKJM/St. Cloud, MN
KLJY/St. Louis, MO
KLTY/Dallas, TX
The House Of Praise network
KNWC/Sioux Falls, SD
KNWI/Des Moines, IA
KNWS/Waterloo, IA
KSOS/Las Vegas, NV
KTIS/Minneapolis, MN
KVMV/McAllen, TX
KWND/Springfield, MO
KXOJ/Tulsa, OK
KTSY/Boise, ID
The Message / SiriusXM
WAFJ/Augusta, GA
WAKW/Cincinnati, OH
WAWZ/Middlesex, NJ
WayFM network
WAYR/Brunswick, GA
WBCL/Fort Wayne, IN
WBDX/Chattanooga, TN
WBFJ/Winston-Salem, NC
WBGL/Champaign, IL
WBSN/New Orleans, LA
WCLN/Fayetteville, NC
WCRH/Hagerstown, MD
WCSG/Grand Rapids, MI
WCVK/Bowling Green, KY
WDJC/Birmingham, AL
WECC/Brunswick, GA
WFRN/South Bend, IN
The Family Network
WGRC/Williamsport, PA
WGTS/Washington DC
WHPZ/South Bend, IN
WJIE/Louisville, KY
WJQK/Grand Rapids, MI
WLAB/Fort Wayne, IN
WLJN/Traverse City, MI
WMUV/Jacksonville, FL
WNFR/Flint, MI
WNWC/Madison, WI
WOLW/Traverse City, MI
Shine.FM network
WPAR/Roanoke, VA
KLOVE network
Christian FM
WWIB/Eau Claire, WI
Worship Radio Network
#4 Overall Troy Research

Added to Keep The Faith!

“Evidence” was added to Keep The Faith this week and will be heard on an additional 300+ radio affiliates!

Now heard on The Message!

Welcome Sirius/XM The Message to the party! “Evidence” is now heard on The Message  – “Faith, Hope and Music” from the Heavens…no matter how you look at it. SiriusXM Channel 63.

More incredible research!

104.9 The River in Columbus checked in today with more amazing research on “Evidence” to share with their peers…4.36 overall score with women 25-4 and a 32% “PLAY MORE” score! It’s brand new there…only 200 plays to date. 😳


Incredible research from St. Louis!

JOY FM in St. Louis checked in with BIG Troy Research numbers on “Evidence” this week…



#10 overall with women 25-54: 4.12 score


#6 with women 25-39: 4.19 score!

56 Stations On!

Story behind “Evidence” from Josh Baldwin

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