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Add Date: July 30, 2021

Story Behind “Egypt”

God delivered Israel from Egypt so they could worship Him, and Cory’s hope is that people who listen to this song experience the God who relentlessly fights for their hearts and sets them free to worship.


You’re the God who fights for me
Lord of every victory

You have torn apart the sea
You have led me through the deep

You stepped into my Egypt
You took me by the hand
You marched me out in freedom
Into the Promised Land



Aug 31

Charts & Adds This Week

#45 Billboard National Christian Airplay

#68 Mediabase Audience


New Adds At:

WNWC // Madison, WI

WDJC // Birmingham, AL

WGRC // Williamsport, PA

Aug 16

Charts This Week!

#48 Billboard Christian Airplay

#117 Mediabase Audience

Aug 16

25 Early Adds

WONU // Chicago, IL

WCVO // Columbus, OH

WCSG // Grand Rapids, MI

KLJY // St. Louis, MO

KGBI // Omaha, NE

KBNJ // Corpus Christi, TX

KAIM // Honolulu, HI

Family Life Network

WWWA // Augusta, ME

WCRH // Hagerstown, MD

WCTL // Erie, PA

WCLN // Fayetteville, NC

WBCL // Ft. Wayne, IN

WLJN // Traverse City, MI

WHPZ // South Bend, IN

WWIB // Eau Claire, WI

KLRC // Fayetteville, AR

KJIL // Meade, KS

KKJM // St. Cloud, MN

KCVO // Columbia, MO

KNWS // Waterloo, IA

KNLB // Phoenix, AZ

WLCQ // Springfield, MA

WJTL // Lancaster, PA

WHBY // Mobile, AL

Jun 29

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