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Add Date: January 7, 2021

Story Behind “Desesperado”

I’m Evan Craft and this is the story behind my song Desesperado. Luke 7:47 says that when we are forgiven of much, we love much more. And everyone one of us are in dire need of forgiveness. This song may sound a little dramatic but it is truth. If we could understand the great lengths Jesus went to for our salvation, we would should it from the rooftops. Therefore, this song is all about my desperation. I need Him, more than air, more than anything. I’m simply need his love. I’m desperate, desesperado.


Jan 21

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WAFJ / Augusta, GA

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KBNJ / Corpus Christi, TX

WCTL / Erie, PA

WBCL / Ft. Wayne, IN

WWIB / Eau Claire, WI

KJIL / Meade, KS

Jan 03

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