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Add Date: April 9, 2021

The Story Behind “Be Alright”

Hey guys it’s Evan Craft. And I’m so excited to share with you my new song “Be Alright”. We actually wrote this song first in Spanish hoping to impact people around Latin America who were struggling with anxiety and depression. The response was so great that we decided to do it in English. So I called Danny Gokey and he said he wanted to be a part of it. We wrote this song and the lyrics were so powerful that I was crying in my kitchen writing them saying “Lord they say you hold the whole universe in your hands but my world’s falling apart like it is made of sand. Am I small enough to slip through the cracks?” I was writing this about a family member who was losing everything during the beginning of the pandemic and I was praying “God where are you? What are you doing?” I love that I can call out to the Lord and cast my anxieties upon him. So I really hope this song would reach you, that it would bring comfort and peace to you, that the Holy Spirit would speak to you through this song. I hope you remember that with Jesus everything will be alright

Troy Research - Christian Genre
Women 25-54
Women 24-34
Women 35-44
Women 45-54

Be Alright

Jul 20

Evan is Today’s Artist On The Rise on YouTube!

Evan is today’s Artist on the Rise on YouTube!

Artist On the Rise



Jul 13

How’s “Be Alright” Researching?

Pretty Alright… 🙂

Rate The Music research:
#3 4.25 overall score with women 25-54 AND it’s #2 with women 25-34 with a 4.29 score.
Troy Research:
#8 overall with a 3.91 score and only 83% familiarity on this week’s surveys.
#7 with women 25-34 with a 3.90 score.
Jul 12

6 More Adds This Week!

KSBJ/Houston, TX (officially reported this week)
KTIS/Minneapolis, MN
WPER/Richmond, VA
KGBI/Omaha, NE
WWIB/Eau Claire, WI
KSLT/Rapid City, SD
Jul 12

Charting This Week!

#8 Billboard National Christian Airplay (up 5 spots from last week!)
#13 BDS AC Monitored (up 1 spot from lw)
#20 BDS AC Indicator (up 1 spot)
#17 BDS Hot AC/CHR
#9 Mediabase Audience (up 4 spots from lw)

Jul 05

8 New Adds!

KSBJ/Houston, TX
WCVO/Columbus, OH
KNWI/Des Moines, IA
KKFS/Sacramento, CA
WBDX/Chattanooga, TN
KHPE/Eugene, OR
KJIL/Meade, KS
WJLZ/Norfolk, VA

Jul 05

More Big News

KTIS/Minneapolis, MN and KGBI/Omaha, NE both add on 7/11.

KLOVE and KLTY/Dallas are firmly in heavy rotation right now along with KFIS/Portland, OR which moved up LAST week.

“Dude, wanted to let you know that Evan is killing it here in DC. It’s our #1 song in testing this week… 4.16 W25-54 with 96% Alan Mason Score. Keeps getting better each week. I want to champion this song—so needed in our format right now.” – WGTS/Washington DC

Trending #10 on Mediabase Christian Audience through 2 chart days…#10 on Billboard Christian Airplay through one chart day as well.

Jun 29

Huge Week For Evan Craft

Troy Research #5 overall and #1 with 25-34 year olds

#4 Testing RateTheMusic National Research on Mediabase

Top 15 at Airplay

Moves up to heavy at K-LOVE this week!

Jun 29

New Adds This Week

Family Life Network

WKNZ // Salisbury, MD

KNWS // Waterloo, IA

KNLB // Phoenix, AZ

Jun 21

7 Adds This Week

KTSY // Boise, ID

WECC // Brunswick, GA

WHPZ // South Bend, IN

KFNW // Fargo, ND-MN

KGNZ // Abilene, TX

KAMB // Merced, CA

KYTT // Eugene, CA

Jun 14

Troy Testing #1 with Women 25-34

#12 Overall This Week

#1 with Women 25-34 with a score of 4.16

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