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“Another In The Fire” from Hillsong United

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Hillsong "Another In The Fire"

Add Date: June 5, 2020

The Story Behind “Another In The Fire”

Life is full of unexpected challenges, struggles, and hardships that you may not always be ready for. But the fact that you cannot fully handle your life on your own is not news to God. He created you for relationship and has always known you were never meant to walk this life alone. From the very beginning, He knew you’d need to be rescued. Rescued from your choices. Rescued from the sin that holds your heart captive. Rescued from the darkness that separates you from the holiness of God. That’s why Jesus had to come. To be your Savior. To break the chains of sin. To light up the darkness. Until nothing stands between the Creator and His creation.
All throughout the Bible, God shows up when the people of God boldly live out their faith. In Daniel, three ordinary men from the tribe of Judah were sentenced to death by fiery furnace because they refused to bow to a false god. But God stood in the fire with them, protected them, and delivered them. Even when they were faced with seemingly impossible circumstances, they understood that experiencing freedom, gracefully given by God, did not mean being removed from bad situations. Rather, experiencing real freedom comes from belonging to the only Truth that really matters—being loved and accepted by the Sovereign God of the universe.
In Acts, Paul and Silas were chained to the floor of a Roman prison. When they sang out in praise to God, the earth shook, their chains fell to the floor. Their lives, and the lives of those around them were radically changed forever. In this miracle, none of them knew what was going to happen. They needed a reminder of how they had truly been set free. So, God did something miraculous in their desolate situation. He responded to their worship, He showed up, and broke away their chains. There are literally no surprises to God. He knows the battles you face. And because He loves you, He’s prepared to fight for you. So, you can count it all joy, in every battle, because the Bible promises that God will meet you right in there middle of your circumstances, standing next to you, where He’s always promised to be.
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Song Timeline

HUGE breakthrough on Troy Research!

Hillsong United automatically gets lumped into the category of worship song. “Another In The Fire” is not a song we sing together in church necessarily (though it’s doing well on Planning Center). It IS worshipful but it’s different. It takes you on a journey through the faithfulness of God in the past, the present and the future. It’s a song that’s connecting in a huge way right now too.

ON a research level, it’s #11 overall on Troy Research this week. #2 with W25-34 with a 4.20 score! It’s a monster of a song.

It’s also #17 in overall consumption this week and has sold a whopping 413k with 52+ MILLION streams overall. Your listeners know this song and already love it.

New stations on!

August brought in a handful of new AC Monitored stations on-board “Another In The Fire”. Welcome to:



WMUV in Jacksonville, FL
WAKW in Cincinnati, OH
Family Life Network in New York
KVMV in McAllen, TX
WAWZ in Middlesex, NJ

Top 20 at AC Indicator!

“Another In The Fire” reaches #20 on BDS Christian AC Indicator with 7 new adds in the past 7 weeks!



New stations:
KKJM in St. Cloud, MN
KLRC in Fayetteville, AR
KNWC in Sioux Falls, SD
WCVK in Bowling Green, KY
WECC in Brunswick, GA
WKNZ in Ocean City, MD
WOLW in Traverse City, MI

Debut on BDS Christian AC Monitored!

“Another In The Fire” debuts on BDS Christian AC Monitored at #28 with 19 total stations on:


KAIM in Honolulu, HI
KAXL in Bakersfield, CA
KBNJ in Corpus Christi, TX
KDUV in Visalia, CA
KFIS in Portland, OR
KJNW in Kansas City, MO
KNWI in Des Moines, IA
KSOS in Las Vegas, NV
KWND in Springfield, MO
The Message on Sirius/XM
WayFM network
WBFJ in Winston-Salem, NC
WBSN in New Orleans, LA
The Joy FM network
WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI
WDJC in Birmingham, AL
WJIE in Louisville, KY
Shine.FM network

Debut on BDS Christian AC Indicator!

Debuts at #30 on BDS Christian AC Indicator with 16 stations on!


KCVO in Columbia, MO
KGNZ in Abilene, TX
KHPE in Eugene, OR
The House of Praise network
KNLB in Phoenix, AZ
KYTT in Eugene, OR
WCLN in Fayetteville, NC
WCRH in Hagerstown, MD
WCTL in Erie, PA
WFRN in South Bend, IN
WGRC in Williamsport, PA
WHPZ in South Bend, IN
WLJN in Traverse City, MI
WRVL in Lynchburg, VA
WWIB in Eau Claire, WI
WWWA in Augusta, ME

Committed at WayFM

Check out their amazing content at!

Debut on Billboard Christian Airplay!

“Another In The Fire” debuts on Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart at #48 this week!

Radio Add Date!

25 stations on in the first week!

Added at:
The Joy FM network
KAIM in Honolulu, HI
KBNJ in Corpus Christi, TX
KCVO in Columbia, MO
The House of Praise Network
KWND in Springfield, MO
KYTT in Eugene. OR
WBFJ in Winston-Salem, NC
WCLN in Fayetteville, NC
WCRH in Hagerstown, MD
WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI
WDJC in Birmingham, AL
WECC in Brunswick, GA
WFRN in South Bend, IN
WJIE in Louisville, KY
WLJN in Traverse City, MI
Shine.FM network
WRVL in Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA
WWWA in Augusta, ME
The House FM network
WBHY in Mobile, AL
WLCQ in Springfield, MA
WJTL in Lancaster, PA

Online Church version

Studio Version Released feat. Taya

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